What is Coaching?

In the past few years the demand for new forms of consulting individuals has risen. Changing conditions in professional and private life constantly challenge human beings. New consulting forms such as executive coaching have proven themselves in the business world. Considering that managers often stand alone in a decision making process, they can profit from the support of an independent coach who helps them reflect on their situation.

Coaching is a professional, personal consultation and accompaniment which sets the potential of a coachee free in order to optimize his/her performance and decision-making.

Coaching aims at consulting a coachee in such a way that new qualities can emerge and lead him/her to act in a different way. Breaking down inner, mental limitations is crucial in this process.

The will of a coachee plays an important role in coaching. A coachee is not obliged to do anything resulting from a coaching process. S/He has the freedom to increase his/her potential as s/he wants.

Coaching enables checking individual issues in intensive dialogue, thus developing a new attitude conducive to new actions.

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Feedback from coachees

Coaching is my daily practice and I consider it an indispensable tool when you have personal responsibility. The nice thing about it is being able to follow the development of the person during his/her searching for solution and the right path. This can incredibly contribute to an increase of motivation in a company. I’m certainly not a bad coach, but thanks to you, Udo, I have again learned a lot and implemented things.

District Manager, SmithKline Beecham, Austria

What surprised me was that my coach did not prepare a ready-made concept or even a list of measures for me to undertake with a lot of do’s and don’ts (“If you are not ready to take step A, than it’s your own fault if you don’t move forward.”).
Instead of a ready-made concept I received a tool, which made it possible for me to see my strong and weak points more clearly.
And that is exactly a prerequisite of any decision in life: to know yourself or to be aware of your own resources and behavior patterns. It is easier to make decisions based on this knowledge.

Executive Director, Klever Group GmbH